The Dragonfly, Storyline and Landmark systems collectively make up our Toolbox. These tools assist with field survey and mapping, knowledge recording and sharing, and spatial information management.

Dragonfly21Dragonfly is a tablet-based toolkit designed specifically for natural resource managers, particularly those working in very remote areas. It features an integrated suite of applications for field navigation, mapping and data recording, with an emphasis on offline, off-the-grid capabilities. Learn more


CircleSpiralStoryline can be used to store and access stories, photos, music, videos, documents, maps and virtually any type of digital content. This system enables any community member who can use a touch screen to readily access their knowledge holdings. It’s fun, inter-generational, and doesn’t need an internet connection. Learn more



Landmark is a portable Geographic Information System (GIS) and spatial data library. It’s ready to use right ‘out-of-the-box’. Simply plug the USB drive into a Windows computer and launch the pre-loaded GIS project. It’s that simple. Learn more.