Natural Resource Management

Our natural resource management program supports Indigenous Rangers, NRM organisations and environmental NGOs through the provision of:

  • baseline spatial information;
  • customised cartographic products;
  • geospatial analysis;
  • field survey technology; and
  • specialist consultancy services.

This program can assist natural resource managers by:

  • Collecting, collating and synthesising NRM information;
  • producing topographic and satellite maps for planning and consultation;
  • identifying important areas for conservation and management;
  • producing predictive habitat models of threatened species;
  • facilitating bioregional or biodiversity planning processes;
  • transferring technical knowledge to NRM practitioners; and
  • deploying ruggedised survey technology and integrated data capture software to field teams.

TNRM review graphProportion of management action targets in natural resource management plans by asset and region across Northern Australia. A chart from a consultancy report produced by Geomancia for Territory Natural Resource Management (2012).