Dragonfly is an integrated hardware, software and data management solution to the challenges of field data collection in remote areas. It features an integrated software suite for field navigation and data recording with unique offline capabilities and automated data backup functions. The system is deployed on a military grade tablet that is water, dust and impact resistant with an anti-glare and anti-reflective display.

Dragonfly is designed to go bush and bring back high quality geocoded data in a range of widely used formats. Key features include:

  • Satellite navigation / GPS tracking
  • Online, offline and customised maps
  • Geotagged photos and field notes
  • Database designer for formal surveys
  • Built-in data management and backup system
  • Camera / Video / Audio
  • Connectivity via 3G, Wi-Fi, HDMI and micro USB
  • Waterproof field manual and onboard, step-by-step HELP function
  • Corporate Security / VPN
  • Training provided

Version 2.0 adds handwriting recognition and precision GPS.

Download the Dragonfly PDF