Cool Science Videos

A selection of interesting science and technology videos from YouTube.

OMG! Did DeepMind just solve the protein folding problem?

Australia has a shiny new Space Agency to continue a very old tradition…

YouTube for Science (and SMART Armour)

Earth Science

Earth 101


Earth Weather

The particle AND the wave – quantum mechanics visualised

Quantum Computing 101 – let’s make one!

Quantum Computing 102 – making a 2 Qubit Gate

What do gravitational waves sound like?

BANG! (Neutron Stars Collide) – what just happened?

The first image of a black hole (it’s big!)

Inside a Leaf (make sure Settings > Annotations is on)

DNA Animated (WEHI)

The revolutionary CRISPR gene editing technology explained.

Hacking CRISPR

Festo can make ants, birds and butterflies!

Atlas can dance

A 2000 year-old computer? Introducing the Antikythera Mechanism. (Learn More)

Trigonometry 3700 years ago – Plimpton 322

A 9000 year old settlement!

High precision GPS without satellites – you must be crazy.